Discovering the Origin of Color at the Prague Museum of Natural History

In 2006 I traveled to Prague for the second time in my life. I had been there in 1990 with some friends which allowed me to gain a local’s point of view of the city. This time I was there as a tourist. After completing all of the obligatory sightseeing, I was intrigued by this big dark building that loomed at the end of one of Prague’s grand avenues. After some minor research, I discovered that it was the National Natural History Museum. The tour guide did not rate the sight as very noteworthy, but I was curious to see the inside of the building, simply to see the architecture.

The admission fee was nominal and the halls were empty. I wandered from room to room, only to turn the corner and make a stunning discovery.

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An Ode to Domestic Manufacturing

I often get asked where our ingredients for the Milk Paint are sourced, I think about our amazing network of vendors that are strewn all over the United States. While domestic manufacturing and self sustenance are hot button topics, I mostly see my decision to keep my sources domestic as a practical one.

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The origin of the Rif Blue Milk Paint Color

In 1998, I rented a car and took a trip through the Moroccan countryside in search of artistic inspiration. When I came upon the town of Chefchaouen nestled in the Rif mountains, I was mesmerized by the buildings drenched in shades of blue. From single doorways to entire structures, pale robins egg to vivid cobalt, the color pervaded the entire town and made a lasting impression on me. Now, years later, with the help of the photos from my travels, I’ve created an all natural artisanal milk paint color in honor of the Rif mountains - Rif Blue

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The Origin of the Italian Milk Paint Palette

You know when you go to Olive Garden and they’ve faux stuccoed the walls with this drab oatmeal color with these balconies that lead to nowhere along the walls? Thankfully, actual Italy is nothing like that and I’ve been enough times and to enough places to say that with absolute certainty. Italy is one of the most soulful, rich and dynamic countries I’ve ever had the pleasure to visit. With Italy’s varied, deep and textured history in mind, I’ve created three new milk paint colors: Verona Green, Sienna Orange and Roman Yellow.

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